Our Actions

NAG action on planned Quietways route 7 Elephant and Castle to Crystal Palace

Sat 19 March 16

Lambeth and Transport for London are consulting proposed improvements to create a ‘Quietway’ cycle route part of which would be along Turney Road, Rosendale Road, Clive Road in Norwood. The deadline for comments is 17th March and we encourage everyone to respond on a scheme which will affect many of us – resident, business, pedestrian, cyclists, bus passenger or car user. More information can be found here.

Following informal consultation last year and widespread public concern NAG have already written to Andrew Gilligan, Mayoral Adviser and Londonwide Cycling Commissioner and the Lambeth Chair of on this very matter (letter is attached), We have asked for answers to four critical questions:

1. How was Rosendale Road (including Turney Road and Clive Road etc to the south) selected over College Road?

2. What are the implications for cyclists of the selection of Rosendale Road over College Road?

3. What does the ‘concept’ as now put forward by Lambeth and TfL mean for all users of Rosendale Road (residents, cyclists, motorists, pedestrians) and how was it assessed?

4. What are the next steps for the Quietways scheme through Norwood? 

NAG campaign to rescue Tennis, Squash and Social Club

Tue 05 April 16

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There’s been a successful tennis club on Knight’s Hill since 1925 and for decades had also been a social and fun meeting place for the whole family.  All ages could meet in the garden or clubhouse setting where many a birthday or other happy occasion was celebrated.

Local resident Dan Lockeretz has decided with NAG support to lead a bid to bring the club back as a terrific community resource where everyone can go for sport and relaxation whether on tennis court or squash court, in the clubhouse or relaxing with children in the garden.  There’s nowhere else like it in our neighbourhood!

Imagine new uses too!  We need as many supporters as possible.  You can support this campaign!

Shiny new Health Centre tarnished by perma-rubbish no more! But so many other problems.

Mon 28 September 15

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Almost everyone seems to like the new Health & Leisure Centre, though with misgivings about parking and rubbish!  The photo shows what visitors pass on a not-so-bad day as they walk up Devane Way.  No evidence of cleaning in over 4 days.

NAG influences draft Lambeth Local Plan

Wed 23 September 15

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Lambeth periodically has to produce a borough-wide plan outlining its strategy for the next 15 years.  This went through stages including drafting (2012), consultation and amendment (in 2013) then submission to a government inspector (2014).  The inspector takes evidence from many sources to ensure the plan is 'sound', any final changes are made and it should come into effect in 2015.  This is a rolling programme and the following plan will be in about 2018.

This is a document of pivotal importance effecting a vast array of matters for you and our neighbourhood.  NAG is on the case!

Public Realm improvements to St Luke’s surroundings

Fri 18 September 15

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The primary purpose of these OLF funded road works is to support regeneration, both economic and social whilst improving pedestrian and road user safety.

Pavement widening is a key element so that these areas can be better used for street social activities.

Norwood Road / Robson Rd junction traffic scheme - traffic queues now much reduced

Fri 18 September 15

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For more than 10 years local community groups and councillors have been campaigning for improvements to this junction.  It is notorious to pedestrians and road users alike.

The traffic layout results in poor traffic flow and grid-lock in peak hours whilst there is no safe crossing for pedestrians in this busy location adjacent to St Luke’s, the Post Office, the old and new libraries, South London Theatre and West Norwood Cemetery.

Finance from the Mayor of London's Outer London Fund has at last enabled major improvement work along with other public realm improvements around St Luke's (see separate 'Action' above).

However Transport for London (TfL), who have to approve all traffic schemes, at a late stage wished to assert their own plan.  Anyone with local knowldge was horrified at its likely outcomes and NAG in conjunction with Norwood Forum successfully campaigned to reject the TfL proposals.

Urban Graphics - Cancelled, now Resurrected!

Thu 10 September 15

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Click 'Read More' to find linked pdf document.  This shows the large graphic panels that Lambeth Council are planning to affix to walls over the bridge on Knights Hill and under the bridges on Norwood High Street, and Norwood Road Tulse Hill.

On left: detail from graphics NOW installed.

Norwood Planning Assembly is your chance to shape our future

Thu 16 July 15

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NAG is cooperating (in particular with Norwood Forum) so as to create a "Norwood Neighbourhood Planning Forum" under the 2011 Localism Act.  We aim to enable Norwood people to shape Norwood's future using statutory planning powers.

We seek active members for this separate project.

It's your chance to help shape the neighbourhood rather than leave it to remote planners.  On left - what happens when developers and planners are left to themselves.

12 Great Ideas!

Tue 31 March 15

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The NAG public meeting of 26th November 2013 presented the topics of Shops & Jobs - and Bring your Great Ideas!  The details of the meeting can be found on our 'Meetings' web page, but the "Great Ideas" project continues.

Among these "Great Ideas" is bringing back into use the derelict Brooks Laundry site, also regenerating and enlarging the Waylett Place car park - see photo on left.

New Development at Tulse Hill

Thu 12 March 15

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NAG and Forum have received advance notice from the developer of a key site.  This is currently the much deplored tyre depot on the corner facing Tulse Hill Hotel.

Whilst most in our community would welcome a change, would you welcome a block of flats similar to the picture on the left?  This is a prominent site passed by thousands every day and will set the style of the neighbourhood for decades to come.  We deserve better!  

King's in battle of wills...

Mon 02 March 15

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NAG member Blanche Pavia brought the subject to our attention.  Her particular concern arises from her understanding that elective surgery for urology procedures is to move from King’s to Orpington.  NAG shortly after became aware of a King’s submission prepared for Lambeth Council’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee Meeting on 22nd July.

The submission describes the moving of elective (planned) surgery for gynaecology, non-complex cataracts and orthopaedic procedures to satellite sites; urology is not mentioned.  The outcomes are described as almost all upsides but there is every reason to be sceptical that the outcomes will not in part adversely affect patients, also family members and friends.

Consequently, both NAG and Norwood Forum gave evidence to the committee.

'Local Listing' for local buildings and features

Fri 06 June 14

'Local Listing' is a register of those buildings, places or even objects that are valued by local residents.  These can be as varied as The Tulse Hill Hotel, the old Woolworth's facade above Sainsbury's or the stench pipe in St Julian's Farm Road!

Short of National Listing, as St Luke's Church Grade II*, it offers a modest degree of protection for places and features valued by the community. 

On left, the the Woolworth facade above Sainsbury's in Art Deco style using white terracotta. It's in desparate need of repair and cleaning to halt decay and restore to its former glory. March 2015, under pressure from NAG, Sainsbury's has committed to repair and clean, though not to full 'heritage standards'.

NAG joins with residents to fight over-development

Mon 14 April 14

In 2013 developer Iceni submitted an application for a six-storey block of flats in Avenue Park Road (on part of a site designated MDO47 by Lambeth Council).  After well argued objections, including a starring role in the "No to Local High Rise!" public meeting, the plan was withdrawn and a new smaller proposal to a completely new design was submitted in January 2014.

On left, the south-east elevation of the new design.


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Norwood Action Group – 2nd revised constitution August 2013

NAME  The name of the association is the Norwood Action Group (NAG hereafter in this constitution).

OBJECTIVES  The objectives of NAG are to promote the regeneration of West Norwood and Tulse Hill whilst seeking to protect the character and historic assets of the area.  There shall be no party-political bias and will be equal opportunity in all matters. 

ADMINISTRATION  NAG and its assets will be managed in accordance with this constitution by the committee.


a)  Membership is open to those over the age of 18 who wish to further the objectives of NAG and have paid the annual subscription.

b)  Affiliation is open to any organisation which is interested in furthering NAG’s work, has paid an annual subscription and has been accepted by a majority vote of the committee.

c)  Each member, or affiliated organisation authorised sole representative, has 1 vote; no proxy votes permitted.

d)  Members will pay an annual subscription of £3 for individuals, affiliated organisations and businesses. This is intended to cover costs of hall hire, stationery, postage and similar. These rates are to be reviewed at each AGM.

e)  NAG will meet at least bi-monthly other than August at a venue agreed by the committee. Meetings will be open to non-members who are encouraged to join. Open meetings will normally be on the second Wednesday of each month.

f)  Public meetings on specific issues may be called by NAG or the committee.

g)  Meetings should be conducted with mutual respect otherwise the chair may require offenders to leave. Repeated or major disregard of this or of this constitution will result in action under 4. i) below.

h) Anyone wishing to speak may only do so through the chair. The chair’s rulings will be respected. As time is always limited, speakers should be brief and the chair may impose time limits.  The chair will try to ensure that everyone who wishes to speak can do so before others make further contributions.

i) The committee for express reason may by a majority vote terminate membership or affiliation, such party having the right to attend and speak prior to the vote.


a)  A committee will be elected from the membership, comprising chair, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer and membership secretary and up to 4 other active members who are willing to participate in campaigns.

b)  Committee meetings may be called by the chair or any 2 members of the committee at a time convenient to most committee members. 

c)  All members of the committee will retire at each annual general meeting but may be re-elected.  Vacancies during the year may be filled by election at open NAG meetings.

d)  The proceedings of the committee will not be invalidated by any vacancy among their number. 

e)  Committee members must act in the interests of NAG.

f)  A committee member will cease to hold office if he or she is absent from all meetings over a period of 3 months without good reason, or notifies their resignation to chair and secretary, or has their membership terminated by the committee under 4.i) above, or loses a vote of confidence at an open meeting.

g)  No committee member shall acquire any interest in assets belonging to NAG or receive remuneration or be involved in any contract entered into by NAG from which that member would benefit.

h)  Campaigning work of NAG may be carried out by sub-groups, drawing on the whole membership and other interested members of the community.  Sub-groups should report regularly to open or committee meetings.

i) The committee has powers to:

Raise funds and invite and receive contributions provided that in raising funds it shall not undertake any substantial permanent trading activities and will conform to the law.

Affiliate or cooperate with voluntary bodies, charities or statutory bodies operating in furtherance of the objects of NAG.

Constitute such sub-groups as the committee thinks fit.

CONDUCT OF COMMITTEE  Whilst committee members may not always agree with one another, it is expected that committee members will not publicly undermine each other or NAG.

Communications on behalf of NAG must be approved by the chair or secretary, who should each approve any sent by the other. In the event of disagreement, the matter will be put to the committee.


Those attending will sign to record their presence at the meeting. 

Voting at committee meetings will be on the basis of 1 vote per committee member. In the event of a tie, the chair or acting chair will have a second (casting) vote.  No proxy votes will be admitted.  Voting at open meetings will be on the basis on 1 vote per member with a second (casting) vote going to the chair or acting chair.  No proxy votes will be admitted.  

The committee will consider proposals from open and public meetings.  Agenda items must be in writing (email preferred) to the secretary 2 weeks in advance of meetings.  The secretary will compile the agenda for the next open meeting and send to members by email at least a week in advance. The secretary will also draft brief minutes of

each meeting (for approval at the next meeting) and send to members by email normally within a week of that meeting.

The quorum at open meetings will be the higher of 7 or 10% of membership.  At committee meetings, the quorum will be 5 committee members.


All subscriptions, donations and any other income will be paid into an account or accounts operated by the committee in the name of Norwood Action Group at such bank as the committee shall from time to time decide. Where there has been or is to be more than one account, the opening or closing of such an account or accounts by the treasurer shall be as directed or authorised by the committee. All cheques drawn on the account must be signed by the treasurer and by 1 of 3 other committee members appointed by the committee or, in the absence or unavailability
of the treasurer, by 2 of the appointed members. 

The funds shall be applied only in furthering the objects of NAG and only with the specific approval of the committee or in accordance with a budget agreed by the committee.

The treasurer will prepare an annual statement of accounts for NAG’s annual general meeting.  The statement of accounts will be audited or independently examined.


Once a year the committee shall convene an annual general meeting to provide a report and accounts for the preceding year and elect officers and committee.

The secretary shall give at least 14 days’ notice of the AGM to all paid-up members of NAG. All members shall be entitled to attend and vote at the meeting. 

Nominations for election can be made at the meeting. If nominations exceed vacancies, election shall be by vote.


The committee may call a special general meeting of NAG at any time. If at least 10 members or 10% of the total paid-up membership, whichever is larger, request such a meeting in writing, stating the business to be considered, the secretary shall call such a meeting. At least 1 week’s notice must be given stating the business to be discussed.


chair: to chair open, committee and public meetings and to take a lead in coordinating the work of NAG.

vice-chair: to replace the chair in his or her absence or when requested by the chair.

secretary: to compile agendas and keep brief minutes of all meetings, conduct correspondence and ensure meetings are notified to the membership and venues booked (or delegate such work to other members). 

treasurer: to keep the accounts, maintain the bank account, prepare annual accounts for the annual general meeting, make payments and advise on spending.

membership secretary (could be combined with treasurer): to collect subscriptions, issue membership acknowledgements and maintain a database of members which can be used for emails.