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Annual General Meeting 2014 plus Hot Topics!

Thu 10 July 14

Full minutes now posted - click link on left

A well attended agm heard chair Rob Andrew thank NAG committee colleagues for their work through the year, and also thank all members and supporters - their enthusiasm and support has informed and enabled NAG to many successes.  

The agm business then commenced and chair related some of last year's successes, some partial successes, but no failures. Treasurer Graham Pycock reported a slight deficit of income / expenditure but reported reserves are sound.

Officers and committee stood down.  JP Winter was unable to stand again but was thanked for his work on the NAG website which the meeting warmly supported.  Colin Fenn who has an array of expertise was not in attendance so could not be presumed to be willing to continue.  All remaining committee members stated their willingness to contribute their time and enthusiasm for another year, plus further nominations were received.  A vote was taken and the committee is now as follows: Rob Andrew - chair, Dan Thorne - vice-chair, Graham Pycock - treasurer and localism project leader, Kate aan de Wiel - secretary, and Noshir Patel, Irene Kimm, Sade Cole, Lynda Hayward are committee members.

The meeting moved on to what the audience wanted to discuss, and many items were hotly debated and inevitably the meeting ran over time, with discussions overflowing into the street!

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