Annual General Meeting 2015

Thu 17 September 15

The consensus on the agm and local summit with council leader Lib Peck and chief executive Dean Harris was that it was a lively, informative and useful meeting.  A key objective was to raise our neighbourhood’s profile at the highest levels of Lambeth Council.

The main council message was “hard times” due to government policies, which require innovative solutions; our message was “cut out the inefficiencies and waste” (which were amply illustrated) to wring the maximum ‘bang for the buck’.  The council believes it’s doing quite a good job in the circumstances, having to spend 60-70% of its reduced budget on welfare costs leaving little for all else.  The audience seemed to believe that ‘the council’ is unaware of many matters that we are painfully aware of.  The NAG programme of communicating local issues to all council levels is ongoing.

For the draft minutes of the agm and local summit click here.  If you believe there are significant errors or omissions, please advise to the usual address: .